Our Free version is available for download. Price for installation 150€+iva

Basic functions include, Location search, Property types, Bedrooms, Min & Max Price & Reference number

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Shortcode Parameter settings

filtr_id = “your_resale_oline_API_filter_ID_number” custom/single/default resale oline API ilter ID number

sngl_pg_slug = “your_page_slug_here” custom single property page slug

newdev=”only” only new developments in search (exclude, included are the other options) *

price_min=”1000″ preferred price minimum

price_max=”1000000″ preferred price maximum

price_step=”10000″ preferred price step between price max & min

prop_box=”0″ hide property selection dropdown

loc_box=”0″ hide location selection dropdown

wiipagesize=”12″ set the amount of properties to show on a page

* You have to have your new developments subscription with resales before activating this.